Running to the soundtrack of the streets

I was seriously privileged to write a  guest post on a site called

My take: I prefer to run without music, without headphones. Here’s an excerpt:

There are forms of exercise that aren’t just performed. They’re experienced with all the senses. Perhaps that’s the reason running has recently become so appealing to me.

Like many runners, I find myself in parks or wilder trails to get my fix. But honestly, most of my runs take place on city streets that surround the gym where I work out. I love hearing the wind in the trees and birds singing. But I also love seeing, smelling and hearing – feeling – the pulse of the city where I live.

That means hearing cars, trucks, buses and construction equipment. Conversations of people I pass, whether they’re talking on the phone, with a co-worker or to passers-by begging for a few bucks. Wind whipping down the alleys between skyscrapers. Train whistles.

These are instruments, people. They play the music of the urban heart of my city, performed to the beat of my footfalls.

To see the full post, check out this link, and interact. Let me know what you think!

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


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