Places I like: Krabi, Thailand

Some people will have you believe that it’s not the destination, but the journey that really matters.

Obviously, the people who said this have never been to Krabi.

Nestled beneath the towering limestone ramparts of southern Thailand’s Andaman coast, the beaches of Krabi are pleasant and inviting strips of bone-white sand outlining an otherwise abrupt tropical shoreline. Out at sea, stone towers draped in jungle greenery erupt hundreds of feet above emerald waves.

The world is awash with beautiful beaches, but those in Krabi stand alone. Many images of this place have become near iconic – movie makers and photographers have often used Krabi as a backdrop – but the one that stands out to me came at the end of a short cave hike in 2008.

A group of us trekked up the beach, then into the jungle to the mouth of a massive cave. The cave went through the heart of a seaside cliff, and with a little effort, we found the opening on the other side.

About a hundred feet up, we were treated to a view of a secluded beach hidden from the posh resorts that cater to rich tourists elsewhere in Krabi.

Thailand is overwhelming in many ways. The bustle of Bangkok, Phuket’s tourist glitz, and the widely ranging textures of its cuisine all come to mind. Visitors have no excuse to be bored here. But it was on that quiet overlook at one of the most spectacular beach scenes I’d ever seen that I got a look into the soul of the land.

With nothing but the sounds of the sea, the wind and the woodlands, I was allowed for a moment to just be. It was, in short, a blessed arrival.

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


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