Bungee jump fail video: Woman survives 365-foot fall after bungee cord breaks

An Australian woman at a bungee jump tourist attraction at the Zambia/Zimbabwe border survived after the cord she was tied to broke during her 365-foot fall to the Zambesi River, The Associated Press reported.

Erin Langworthy said she blacked out briefly, surfaced from the waters and managed to swim to safety despite having to navigate rapids with a broken collarbone and both feet tied together, The AP reported.

“You get sucked under and then you pop up so it’s very disorienting – I didn’t know which was up or down,” she said.
She said the trailing cord repeatedly snagged, so she “had to swim down and yank the bungee cord out of whatever it was caught on to make it to the surface,” The AP report said.

The jump from the Victoria Falls Bridge is operated by Safari Par Excellence, whose website describes the bungee experience as “111 meters (365 feet) of pure Adrenalin!” according to The AP.

Here’s the video of the fall:


4 thoughts on “Bungee jump fail video: Woman survives 365-foot fall after bungee cord breaks

    • I agree. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of anything like this happening on such a big jump, so seeing how the cord would actually break is astounding to me. It seemed the time between the cord breaking and her impact in the water was pretty long. What floors me is that she did not drown. Her feet were still tied together and her collarbone was busted. Then she floated into the rapids. So yes, she is very lucky to be alive. Someone at the company who offers these jumps needs to reassess their standards.

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