Fitness: A body weight workout called ‘The Wall’

With all of the workout programs out there, wouldn’t it be nice to have something that required no equipment, no gym, no DVDs and a minimal amount of space?

Even better, wouldn’t it be great if that same workout could work your entire body, provide a cardio benefit and be done in 20 minutes?

Best thing, it’s free. I’m giving it to you.

Well, sort of. I’m giving it to you by the way of a friend who gave it to me. But it’s still free, and unlike the fitness infomercials that plague the small screen, this one has substance.

I have a friend named Mike Cejka who taught me this workout. He owns a martial arts studio and is a veteran of running numerous boot camp-style programs in Oklahoma. He knows fitness.

The workout is called The Wall. The reason for the name is simple: People at his gym would ask what they were doing for training, and he’d point to a wall with a list of exercises on it. “Do six sets of The Wall. Go!”

Here’s how it works:

One set of The Wall his six exercises. They are all done in succession with no rest breaks. And if you do multiple sets, there are no breaks between sets. A set includes:

1. 30 jumping jacks

2. 25 squats

3. 15 pushups

4. 30 crunches

5. 10 diamond pushups

6. 25 reverse crunches

Note: A diamond pushup is one in which you bring your hands close together, and the space between the hands forms an upside-down diamond between the thumbs and index fingers. Here’s some photos to illustrate:

Proper hand position on a diamond pushup.

Starting position of a diamond pushup. Notice Gabriel is looking up, not down at the ground. The same holds true for standard pushups. Head up, not down.

A reverse crunch has you lay flat on the floor, extend your legs straight out, then pulling with your abs and hip flexors, pull your knees up to your belly. I think the rest of the exercises are self-explanatory. Two photos below:

Starting position on the reverse crunch.

Finishing (extended) position on the reverse crunch.

If needed, you can do assisted pushups (using your knees as the fulcrum instead of your toes) and assisted diamond pushups. Photo below:

An assisted diamond pushup. The knees are the fulcrum. This variation can also be used on a standard pushup.

If your conditioning isn’t quite up to snuff, start out with two sets. If you work your way up to six sets, it should take you 15 to 20 minutes, provided you are using correct form (going deep on the squats, touching your chest to the ground on pushups, etc.).

If you don’t rest between exercises and sets, you’ll elevate your heart rate nicely. If it ever gets too easy, add more sets. I find that a couple of sets of The Wall also makes for a nice warmup before a workout. For those who are fitter, perhaps doing the entire six sets is the way to go to warm up before a vigorous workout.

What I like about this is it works the core in its greater sense: Thighs, chest, back, shoulders, abs. The triceps and calves are also getting work. When the six sets are done, you will have gone 180 jumping jacks, 150 squats, 90 pushups, 180 crunches, 60 diamond pushups (which means 150 pushups overall!) and 150 reverse crunches. That’s some pretty good volume.

Try it out and see what you think. It’s quick, free, effective and all you need is the list of exercises, some space and your own body.

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


5 thoughts on “Fitness: A body weight workout called ‘The Wall’

  1. When I was doing the Wall on a regular basis, I was pretty fit. I was doing 10 sets at home to get ready for that day we would do 6 sets for onlookers. It is a great over all workout and as you say, can be done anywhere.

  2. This sounds awesome. I think I will try it tonight. It’s hard for me to go to the “Clubhouse Gym” and workout with two small kids and a wife. Thanks man. I try and get a run in as much as I can.

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