Staying active helps your mind as you age

Stay active like these guys and chances are, you'll keep your mind sharper as you grow older.

We’ve all pictured the stereotype of the busy, older worker who retires, sits around the house watching TV and then dies within a few short years. The thinking is that without something to do, people just sort of wind down until they stop.

While that might be a bit cliche, there is evidence to suggest that an active body helps you keep an active mind as you age.

The Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog reports that Arizona researchers discovered that the effects of aging on the brain can be slowed is people maintain an active lifestyle.

Decreased brain activity that comes with aging is inevitable, researchers say, but it can be held off longer with a steady diet of aerobic activity.

I’ve often told people that I hope to still be hiking, running, lifting weights and playing in the mountains well into my old age. My guess is that living actively now is a key to not only being able to do that later, but also keeping my mind sharp and healthy.

You can read more of that blog here, and be sure to check out the links on that site.

Bob Doucette

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2 thoughts on “Staying active helps your mind as you age

  1. As a teenager I remember backpacking in Olympic National Park and seeing two older teens pass me. They had climbing gear and big packs. A little while later, a man in his sixties caught me and asked about the two who had passed me earlier. “They’re my grandsons and I plan to teach them how to climb.” Right then I decided what I wanted to do when I retire: teach others how to backpack and climb mountains. Thank you for reminding me not to wind down, but to stay active.

    • Most certainly! Great story, BTW. I can remember a few of my own, like one where some old dude, 60s or 70s, telling me and my brother about some gnarly climb he did the week before, and I’m thinking, ‘Wow.’ The man was more than twice my age and living larger than me.

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