Turkey Mountain update: Tulsa City Council leaning against the proposed Tulsa Harbour project

Early signs show that opposition to a proposed amusement park at Turkey Mountain is working. (Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area photo)

An update on the situation regarding Turkey Mountain and the proposed Tulsa Harbour amusement park:

As many of you know, there was a proposal being floated by a Tulsa developer to build an amusement park and a race car museum at the south end of Turkey Mountain. The proposal would wipe out at least one of the three main hiking/biking trails, cut into portions of the lower trails and likely break up the bike trail that connects Turkey Mountain to the rest of the River Parks bike trail system.

As you might expect, many people in the outdoor, running and biking communities were not happy about this. They showed up in significant numbers at a recent town hall meeting to express their opposition. An online petition has been circulated to stop the plan.

Officials at the meeting, including the River Parks board and the city councilor who represents that area of the city, have come out against Tulsa Harbour as it has been proposed.

I went a step further and sent an email to my city councilor, Blake Ewing. I told him my concerns, and he promptly sent me a response. Here’s what he said:

“I agree with you completely. My impression is that all of the elected people at City Hall do as well. I can’t imagine that there’s any chance of this thing happening. Thanks for the e-mail and for caring about our great city. You can count on me to work to keep it that way.”

It was good to hear this, and I think supporters of preserving Turkey Mountain as an urban wilderness can be heartened by what Mr. Ewing has said here.

It should be noted that the developer seems very motivated to build the amusement park, and that politics being what they are, things can always change. Proposals can be offered, compromises made, and deals pushed through. So if you’re not keen on someone plopping an amusement park on Turkey Mountain, keep watch on this issue.

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


2 thoughts on “Turkey Mountain update: Tulsa City Council leaning against the proposed Tulsa Harbour project

  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing the amusement park and apparent car museum but I think a better place would be the newly developing area south of Jenks proper on the south side of the turnpike. This area is basically a cleared marsh ready for the under-layments of big business to start installing their sewer lines, drain lines, electric lines, gas lines, etc. Jenks could use the influx of businesses, employers, and tax dollars (much like the rest of the state) and it has already begun to be a southern hub of entertainment with the Jenks Riverwalk Crossing and the Aquarium and many assorted businesses located there. I don’t believe it would encroach on any trails for biking or running and it looks to be about 80% cleared for building. Let’s do what we can to encourage businesses to build here instead of on our beloved Turkey Mountain.

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