A day in the life

So tonight I was expecting a tough day out on my run. The temps were good and the weather cooperative, with the exception of one major thing: the wind.

Yep, Oklahoma in the spring (we might as well say winter is, for all practical purposes, over in the Southern Plains) usually means a heavy dose of Gulf winds barreling in from the south. It wouldn’t be so bad as I ran north, but heading south was going to be a bear. I expected a brutal evening.

But as is often the case, other things took front and center.

For starters, there was the train. This is a regular obstacle for me as the streets I run cross railroad tracks in two places. I heard the train coming in from the west, and then I heard the bells at the crossing ring as the gates went down. How many runners do you know who have to stop at a railroad crossing?

Well, thank goodness I run a blazing 9- to 10-minute mile. Yeah, I’m slow. Because by the time I reached the crossing, the train had passed. The crossing gates lifted maybe 10 strides before I got there. Slow = success!

So I kept rolling, making my way north with a steady wind basically filling my sails, so to speak, making me feel at least somewhat fast. But then there was the trip back south, into the teeth of the wind. This, my friends, was going to suck.

But as is often the case, distractions can be my salvation. Sunset and cloud cover provided the perfect backdrop to the freshly lit skyscrapers of the downtown skyline. It makes me think of the dog in that movie “Up.” Show me something shiny or interesting (“Squirrel!”), and I’ll forget about what’s right in front of me.

It’s the little things that I observe on foot that, for whatever reason, interest me, even energize me. This was no different. I sprinted the last block, looked back at the route and felt satisfaction. It most certainly did not suck. What had promised to be a windy sufferfest actually turned out to be something unexpectedly pleasant. Even fun.

Just another day in the life.

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


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