A solid post with good information about how inactivity is one of our worst enemies when it comes to health. Give this a read and take heed. — Bob


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      • Well then I am even more flattered. Thank you! I am actually reading through your blog right now. Love it. You have some great stuff on here. I especially like the post “Fitness: Build a Workout that Makes Sense, Avoid those that Don’t”, great post! PS. I didn’t know Discovery had canned Bear Gryllis… I am behind on my Hollywood smut! Crap!

      • Yeah, I wonder about the whole Bear Grylls thing. As far as workouts — personally, I’m starting to sour on Crossfit. The more I see, the more I don’t like. I know lots of people like it, and many swear by it. But I’ve moved from ambivalent to skeptical. Thoughts?

      • My thought are pretty much the same as yours. I thought about joining a new crossfit gym when it first opened in my neighborhood but held off. The more I have heard about it the less I am apt to join. I too can’t see how Olympic Lifts can be done in good form in a timed session. Now I LOVE p90x, I think it is great, and the muscle confusion is science… it works. For the type of body I want HIIT, HIT and workouts like p90x are the type of training I need mixed with longer cardio sessions for races I would like to do. You are right on when you say, “You will get more out of your training when you match your training methods with your training goals.” As for right now, I would be too fearful of injury in a crossfit setting, I, like you, will just have to watch the trend and see what happens with it…

      • YES! I hope people read the comment you just made because it is spot on. Muscle confusion works, but creating a Frankenstein’s monster of exercises and calling it a workout program is not sustainable. P90X and Crossfit are not the same.

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