The masked madness of the Luchador Run

A luchador and race competitor. With his dog. Yep, this was a fun crowd.

There’s something to be said for the “non-race” race. You know, those fun road races that are more about a good time than PRs. They welcome non-runners and runners alike and promise a few laughs along the way.

Elote, a Tex-Mex restaurant in downtown Tulsa, hosts the annual Luchador Run 5K, which paces its way through downtown and ends with a block party that includes music, food, beer and lucha libre bouts.

Competitors, some in costume, cross the start line at the beginning of the 5K event. There was also a 1-mile fun run.

So here’s what I did during the Luchador 5K:

I got to slide through wet pasta on a slip ‘n’ slide during the first mile. Gross, but fun. And slimy. That slime stayed with me for the rest of the race.

I got stopped by a train. Yep, a whole group of us in the middle of the pack got caught on the wrong side of the tracks as a train passed through downtown. It’s not the first time a train has impeded my running path, but I can’t say this is a common thing on official races.

I got to throw Frisbees through a target while running. I was unsuccessful. I guess Ultimate Frisbee games are probably not in my future.

Covered in sweat and spaghetti slime, I strike a pose after finishing the race. Don't worry, though. I was slow, unimpressively slow, so this pose is more for irony than anything else.

During the final mile, a group of roller derby girls swatted me with pool noodles. Loved their outfits.

Crossing the finish line, I climbed into a wrestling ring and struck a pose. Afterwards, I got to sip on a couple cold ones while listening to a band play some good music. And of course, the lucha libre wrestling matches.

Plus, I got a workout in, as did a number of people from pretty much every fitness level. Even little kids (I swear one kid no more than 3 crossed the finish for the one-mile fun run).

Best of all: The money raised in this run will go toward providing funds to help kids go to YMCA summer camps in Tulsa. The Y takes its mission of helping those, even those who can’t pay, seriously. So I consider my entry fee money well spent.

Not a bad way to spend the day. I’ll be doing more of these in the future.

Me and The Dude. He not only ran the race, but was also one of the featured luchadores in the post-race bouts. I think he looks prettier than me in this pic.

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


4 thoughts on “The masked madness of the Luchador Run

  1. I would not have guessed that the guy with the cape and dog was a runner. 😆 It does look the whole even was a lot of fun.

    • It was pretty cool. If you wanted to run it as a straight-up race, you could. But if you wanted to take part in the silliness and forget about times, you could do that, too. That’s what I did, as did my luchador friends!

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