Here’s what I see when I run

I’ve written a few posts about what it’s like to run in an urban environment, and how much I get out of it from an aesthetic point of view. Unfortunately, I’m usually chugging along without stopping to take photos. I hope that words can paint a picture, but sometimes visuals are needed.

So the last time I was out and about, I made sure to take some time to photograph the cityscape so you all get an idea of what I see, and what might be waiting for you (visually speaking) when you get out and run your own community’s streets. Here’s a sampling:

Obviously, I see some pretty big buildings.

Back at eye level there might be wind blowing through ivy leaves anchored to a building’s walls.

There are the finer details of my city’s renowned art-deco architecture.

And down the street there are buildings that lack skyscraper stature but are beloved enough to have an entire urban district named after them.

Not far off is this piece of Aztec-inspired flair.

Around the corner, oddities might reveal themselves as you zip by.

Even the ordinary becomes outstanding as a backdrop. I’m not kidding when I tell you that this is probably the most photographed wall in Tulsa.

Obviously, there’s a lot more I see than just these scenes. Lots of people: Street musicians, business pros, homeless, hipsters, cops. And a whole mix of ordinary, extraordinary, shiny and run-down places.

What do you see when you run? Anything interesting? Or is it mundane? If you see some cool stuff, feel free to share. Comment here and we’ll work it out. If it’s more on the mundane side, I encourage you to seek out places that not only serve as a venue for fitness, but also as a place to stimulate your mind.

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


2 thoughts on “Here’s what I see when I run

  1. Thanks for the visual reminder to open our eyes and see. I am fortunate to live in a place with lots of urban around lakes and ponds, but the architecture can be inspiring as well. Personally, I am very fond of churches.

    • There have been some runs I’ve done where I pass by some really cool, historic churches. Most stunning in the core of Tulsa is Boston Avenue United Methodist. One day I’ll have to run down there and shoot some pics of it. Art deco awesomeness.

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