Warfighter Sports sending climbing team up Alaska’s Denali

Some of the Warfighter Sports team members who will attempt to summit Denali. (warfightersports.org photo)

Saw a very cool story I thought many of you all would find interesting as well. There is an organization called Warfighter Sports that aims to help wounded veterans learn how to overcome their disabilities and live fuller, more active lives. Here’s a bit about the group from its website:

Warfighter Sports, a program of Disabled Sports USA, offers sports rehabilitation programs in military hospitals and communities across the U.S. through a nationwide network of over 100 community-based chapters. Since 1967, Disabled Sports USA has proudly served wounded warriors, including those injured in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, offering more than 30 winter and summer sports at more than 100 events each year. Warfighter Sports rebuilds lives through sports by improving self-confidence, promoting independence and uniting families through shared healthy activities.

Contributions cover all expenses for participation, including individualized adaptive instruction, adaptive sports equipment, transportation, lodging and meals for the warrior and a family member. Since 2003, more than 4,800 of the most severely wounded and their families have been served, including those with amputations, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, visual impairments, and significant nerve and muscle damage.

A hugely worthy goal, and as part of Warfighter Sports’ efforts to raise awareness and money for its cause, there is a team of wounded vets who are going to attempt a climb of Denali, North America’s highest peak. This Alaskan giant is  20,320 feet high and is no small challenge for even the most experienced and fit mountaineers.

The group has created a link where you can keep tabs on the team’s progress. All team members are wounded warriors, including some who are multiple amputees. Special prosthetics and mountaineering equipment will be used to help them ascend the mountain.

Here’s a video from CNN with the climbers:

You can follow their progress here. The team is starting their journey now and hopes to summit sometime around July 5.

Best of luck to the team!

Bob Doucette

on Twitter @RMHigh7088


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