This is one of the blogs I follow, and I like the idea that a fitness instructor has broken down the caloric, fitness and mental benefits to being a regular hiker. Obviously, I’ve touted the benefits in many posts, but here you have a writer break it down from a fitness instructor’s point of view. It’s worth a read.

Tori Teaches Fitness

After spending the last five days in Denver I got to experience first hand how insanely active everyone is. Overall, my impression is that Denver natives don’t go to the gym, lift weights, or run on treadmills. They do things for fun that just also happen to burn calories and keep you fit.

Enter: Hiking.

I’ve hiked several times before and have always enjoyed it. You have an end goal: to reach the summit. You enjoy the process: looking at the scenery. You can even enjoy the company of others: ridiculously active in-shape friends.

Hikes can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Irrespective of how long you hike, it’s an amazing workout. Hiking can burn up to 370 calories an hour for a 155 pound person. Can you imagine doing that all day??

Hiking is fundamentally different from walking or running. While you still get all…

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