11 killed, more missing on Manaslu after avalanche

Manaslu. (wikipedia photo)

Some terrible news from the Himalayas today after an avalanche killed at least 11 climbers on Manaslu, the world’s eighth-highest peak.

According to media reports, the avalanche struck climbers high on the mountain Sunday. Many of the climbers caught in the slide were said to be German or French.

Ten other climbers survived but were injured and taken to area hospitals, The Associated Press reports.

CNN is reporting that 11 were killed while AsiaNews.it is putting the death toll at 13 after the avalanche crashed into Camp 3 high on the mountain, with some 25 tents destroyed. Camp 2 lower on the mountain was also affected, though not as severely. The number of missing stands at three.

The CNN report indicates that the 5 a.m. slide was huge — with a chunk of ice the size of several football fields breaking loose, crashing into the higher camp when many climbers were still in their tents.

Manaslu (26,759 feet) is in northern Nepal near the Chinese border. The mountain and others in the Himalayas are often climbed in the spring before the summer monsoon season. Fall climbs are also conducted, though not in numbers seen in the spring. However, reports indicate that more than 200 people were on the mountain or at its base camp at the time of the avalanche.

The story is evolving, as there are not a lot of hard facts available on the full extent of the disaster.

The Adventure-Journal.com has a pretty thorough account of the avalanche here, including comments from some of the people who were there.

For more on the CNN story, including a video, go to this link.

For more on and earlier Associated Press story, go to this link.


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