Extending the taper week: Welcome to the taper month

Runners who race know what I’m talking about with the taper week. That glorious week right before a race when you ease off the gas pedal on your training, rest up and be as fresh as possible for race day.

Sounds accurate, more or less?

Well, leave it to me to put a new twist on it. By accident, or course.

Welcome to my taper month.

Let me explain.

On Saturday, some 10,000 people are so, including me, will be running in the Tulsa Run. It’s the state’s oldest distance event, with 15k and 5k races. I’ll be doing the former.

To be completely transparent here, I know that a 15k is not long by the standards of endurance athletes (stop snickering, ultra runners!). It’s not like I haven’t run that far before. But I want to do well. I trained for this bad boy with that in mind.

But then a few things happened. I had the crazy weekend road trip to Colorado for one last mountain climb. That took it out of me.

And then I fought off a cold for a week.

And then I succumbed to that cold for another week.

I listened to people who told me that with two weeks to go, there wasn’t any way to make up for lost time, to not overtrain, and so forth. So I followed that advice.

Now I’m a few days out. I am not as strong as I was a month ago.

I’m going to make a couple of predictions.

First: I’ll finish the race. I think that’s about as much as I can promise on that front.

Second: The taper month is going to end up being a bad strategy, even if it’s an unintentional one.

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


2 thoughts on “Extending the taper week: Welcome to the taper month

  1. Life happens. You can still have a great race on Saturday and enjoy the atmosphere. Just don’t make the mistake I did one year, when I took some cold medicine the night before a race and my head was still spacy as I cross the start line. Ended up dropping out due to my head being so woozy. Have a great race!

    • Thanks man! No worries, I’m past the medicine stage. Just trying to get my legs back. My goal is to relish in it, sort of look at it as a reward for the work I’ve put in, and hopefully springboard into more competition.

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