A milestone reached: Thank you!

Just a quick post this afternoon, with an offering of thanks to all of you who have read the posts, clicked the videos and otherwise participated in this blog. Today it hit 20,000 page views, almost 11 months into its creation. That’s not huge traffic in the world of the blogosphere, but each click means something to me.

So thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting in this space as well as on Facebook and Twitter. For David Creech and Matt Patterson, thank you for writing guests posts (on Big Bend National Park and the benefits of yoga to hikers).

My hope is this is just the beginning, and I hope that something here has been beneficial to those of you who have taken the time to read. For any writer, it is the ultimate compliment to have some block out a period of time in their day to read your words. I don’t make any money doing this, and I don’t anticipate that happening in the future.

But what I hope to do is to continue to lift up the benefits of getting outside and being active. We’re given one life and one body, as well as a short time to use both. My wish is that all of us will do so as fully as possible.

Thank you all!

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


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