Sports, superstition and run magic — it’s real

Run magic is real. Just ask the Broncos. (Denver Post photo)

It’s tough being a sports fan sometimes. You grow attached to a team, enjoy watching your favorite players play, and become invested in the success or failure of the squad.

The Red Sox nation lived in perpetual frustration until breaking through a few years ago when the Sox won the World Series.

Cubs fans still live in this perpetual purgatory of fan frustration.

And if you know any Buffalo Bills fans, well, those folks know disappointment. Four straight Super Bowls, four times coming up empty.

I’m a Denver Broncos fan. All my life. They’ve had some highs and lows, and over the years I’ve learned to walk away from the tube when things go sour. Better yet, I’ve learned to do it and channel frustration into productivity.

But here’s the twist. I kinda believe in fan magic.

Here’s how it went down. I was watching Sunday’s game between the beloved Broncs and Cincinnati. A tight game. Starting the second half, Denver opened up by returning the kickoff 105 yards for a score. Boom. 17-6 Denver. Awww yeah.

Then there were two straight interceptions. Followed by two straight Bengal scores. At the start of the fourth quarter, it’s 20-17 Cincy, with big mo on the side of the hometown team.

I’d had enough. I could sit there and stew or use that energy to do something positive. So I grabbed my sneaks, got in my running clothes and got outside for a quick three miles.

It was sunny, mild and gorgeous. No one was out, so the streets were all mine. The sun bathed my face as I ate ground up and down the hills around town.

When I got back in, I felt refreshed. Relieved. Any angst over the game was gone. I didn’t care about the final score. Endorphins were flowing and it was all good, baby. It’s funny how that works for me – during my times of trouble, time outside running streets, park paths and trails has been the painkiller of choice lately, whether they be serious life crises (I’ve had a few lately) or something as mundane as a football score. In any case, it worked. All was right with the world.

But then a miracle happened. During my absence from the TV, Denver had scored two touchdowns and went on to win the game by 8.

Now we’re past the healing powers of running. We’ve entered the superstitious world of fan magic. You know, those little pre-game rituals we do to “help” our team, or the goofy things we’ll try to break the bad mojo when our team is faring poorly.

Surely that’s what happened here. My dose of fan magic broke the spell that had caused one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time transform into an interception machine. Three miles later, Peyton Manning was back to throwing touchdowns again. Broncos, FTW!

You see what happened there? It was fan magic. Combined with running. Call it run magic. That’s a thing, right?

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


2 thoughts on “Sports, superstition and run magic — it’s real

  1. Fun post, Bob. Running, or just getting out for a walk, is always the best way for me to clear my head too. Sometimes it is hard to remember to do those things in the heat of the moment though! 😉

    • Very true. I was able to run out a little angst today on the trails. That’s been a habit of mine for awhile now, and it’s helpful. Even if I don’t really solve anything, a good run outside — or a hike, or time fishing a stream — takes the edge off.

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