Fitness today: The ridiculous things we do

Some thoughts in the days before the Route 66 Marathon here in Tulsa…

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the world of fitness and how it has evolved lately, and I’ll probably have more profound (?) thoughts on this at a later time. But for now, I’ll have some fun with it, because there are some things we do these days that appear, on the surface, to be ridiculous.

And sometimes we do ridiculous things that are not in dispute.

One trend that has surfaced is the effort to mix core training, balance and strength training. Bosu balls are all the rage. Stability exercises are hot. So we invent new, amazing, inventive and imaginative ways to exercise our bodies so we, too, can yell with conviction, “This is Sparta!”

I guess that’s what this guy was thinking…


Laugh, but disastrous attempts to challenge those stability muscles create scenes like this in gyms across the country every day. My advice: Take up swimming, dude.

OK, so some people do some crazy things. Surely the fitness industry won’t succumb to the weirdness taking over gyms across the world, right?

Er, well, think again. I bring you the Ball Bike.


Oh yes. Gaze upon its greatness. Bathe in its cross-training, stability-inducing glory. Pedal your way to power. Wreck your core while seated on the Swiss ball. And work that chest with Nordic panache! This version of the Ball Bike retails for about $2,400; the home version goes for $700.

Never mind that you can get the same core, leg and cardio work by running. Throw in some push-ups and you get the same thing for the price of a pair of shoes.

Surely no one will buy in, right? Think again. People bought Shake Weights and Ab Rollers, remember?

So basically, don’t rely on human nature to rightly regulate gym behavior. Something stronger is needed. And we have to act before extreme fitness madness sets in.

Nip it at the bud, I say. At the first sign of trouble — say, someone hogging a piece of equipment for 15 minutes while talking on the phone — or misusing a station at the expense of others, bring in Liam Neeson.

I’ll let Liam sum it up in his own words.


Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


4 thoughts on “Fitness today: The ridiculous things we do

  1. Who comes up with some of this stuff? And I’d really like to know how that guy even got up into that position without knocking anything over. Just do a plank with your foot on a med ball, that’s plenty hard without looking ridiculous!

    • When I first saw that, I literally laughed out out. We’re talking a serious guffaw. But people do this kind of stuff.

      What’s worse: You’re exactly correct. There’s nothing being accomplished there that can’t be done with plank moves. Great take!

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