Post-race: Route 66 Marathon’s high achievers

The start line at the Route 66 Marathon. (Becca Haymore photo)

Some thoughts at the close of the Route 66 Marathon…

Major congratulations to Curtis Huffman for winning the marathon overall with a time of 2:39.24.

And equally so to Camille Herron, who won the female overall with a time of 2:48.51. She also set a rather peculiar world record: The fastest-ever marathon time for someone dressed in a full costume. She was dressed in a head-to-toe Spider-man outfit.

A lot of people (well, just about everyone) walked off the race course with a medal, but if there was a special award for guts, I’d give it to Ronnie Ashford, a woman who had two goals: To complete the marathon course in honor of military veterans, and to do it in under 12 hours.

She didn’t care if it took her that long. She had her goal, knew her speed and set out to do it.

Which she did, clocking in at 11:46. Although the course road and finish line gear had long been dismantled by the time she finished, she got a police escort at the end and a cheering section awaited her.

Ronnie Ashford crosses the finish line Sunday night. (TATUR Racing photo)

What I like: In the time she’s spent training for this (she’s done shorter distance walks leading up to Sunday’s race), she’s dropped about 55 pounds. She says she can’t stand the treadmill (atta girl!) and only trains outside.

Hmmm. Get outside, get active. That’s sort of what this blog is all about, so Ronnie, I salute you. You get it. And you’ve got a lot of fans out there now.

You can read more about her here.

Last note: I asked for people’s opinions about the race. Runners can be a pretty critical lot. I got this response from a friend of mine, Monica Mullins of Shawnee, who is already a competitive cyclist and now a rapidly improving distance runner (she can smoke my times, and did at the Tulsa Run) who came into endurance athletics years ago and has her own transformation story.

Anyway, her sentiments echoed what I read from a lot of others:

“Beautiful course! Loved getting to such cool areas of the city. I actually ran within a block of where I lived when I was 5! So impressed with the support of the whole community and all the details attended to by the organizers. This event will be a permanent part of my event calendar each year! I brought two of my students who have been fairly underwhelmed by Oklahoma. They raved about Tulsa and said they never thought they could live in Oklahoma until this weekend!”

How about that! She loved the race, and the race represented the city and the state well to college kids who weren’t all that thrilled about being in Oklahoma.

I’ve got more from the weekend’s Route 66 Marathon activities tomorrow. One last really cool story you’ll need to see. Until then, train up. There are plenty of races to come.

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


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