Spending Turkey Day at Turkey Mountain

Thanksgiving was a bit odd for me this year. Well, it was kind of like last year, too. I was scheduled to work, meaning the normal feast-gorging, football-watching nap-taking festivities of my favorite holiday were out.

But I still had enough time earlier in the day to head out to my favorite local trails at Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area in Tulsa.

I figured I’d have the place to myself. Surely no one else would be out here.

I was wrong. The parking lot was half filled. Lots of dog-walkers, a few runners and some hikers. I didn’t see many cyclists, but I’m sure they were there.

It seems I wasn’t alone in thinking Turkey Day at Turkey Mountain was a good idea.

A lot of people have been lighting up social media with what they’re thankful for, with posts ranging from the extremely profound to the playfully mundane.

I’m thankful for a lot of things, but at this moment I’m thankful for my trails at Turkey Mountain. They offer me natural beauty, solitude, a tough workout and, most importantly, a sanity break from the life I lead off the trails. Lord knows I need it.

I pounded out a leisurely four miles of hills and straightaways. I took my time. I didn’t feel the need to push it. Sometimes it pays to stop and look around, which I did.

My hope is that everyone had an awesome holiday, whether you spent it with loved ones or labored away like me.

Take time to remember those things which deserve your gratitude.

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


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