Black Friday, runner style: Turkey Trot, downtown Tulsa

Sometime last night, the people-crush of Black Friday began. It continued late into the night and well into this morning. Those crowds won’t abate until, well, who knows when.

I enjoyed Black Friday in my own way, with several hundred other like-minded Tulsans.

Here’s the crowd I was in Friday morning…

Of course, after fighting the crowds you need to refuel. Replenish. Have a seat and grab a little sustenance to get you through it. Here’s what I grabbed at my “food court.”

That’s a Marshall Sundown Wheat, a Tulsa brew, and not too shabby. Pretty sweet post-race goodies, right?

Anyway, a nice way to start the day. Friday morning was Tulsa’s own version of the Turkey Trot, a 5K race through downtown. I’m a slow runner, but making progress. I smashed my previous 5K PR by almost 2 minutes, 30 seconds. I run better when it’s cooler (it was 42 degrees at race time), but the course itself was kinda challenging for a 5K. Some long hills, plus going over the steep incline of the Detroit Avenue bridge twice.

But the best thing about it was being able to run a race through downtown, in the shadows of the skyscrapers, with a boatload of other people on a bright, sunny day. That makes for a good time.

I’m not sure how you spent your Black Friday morning, but I kinda like how I spent mine. Something tells me returning home high on endorphins was way better than collapsing at the house after hours of fighting crowds, blowing cash and enduring shopping center traffic.

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


4 thoughts on “Black Friday, runner style: Turkey Trot, downtown Tulsa

  1. I stumbled across your blog when searching for Turkey Trot. I ran in the race this morning and it was great. I loved the route. Definitely something to do each year.

    You have a great resource here.

    Keep running.

    • Thanks a bunch, Michelle! I plan on it. Considering a half in December.

      It was a fun course. I think the Detroit Avenue bridge, combined with the long, gradual hills did a few folks in. But of the 5Ks I’ve done this year, the Turkey Trot was my favorite. Good crowd, good course and perfect weather.

      • Is it the half at Turkey Mountain? I am considering that one also. I have been searching for races to do while training for the OKC marathon in April.

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