Mountaineering basics: How to use an ice axe in the event of a fall

With snow finally beginning to accumulate in the high country, a number of folks are eager to try their hand at winter hiking and mountain climbing. I’m not an expert in this realm, but thankfully there is a lot of good information out there in terms of how to be safe when doing a winter climb.

I stumbled across this video awhile back on how to use an ice axe for purposes of self-arrest. That’s a fancy term for how to use the axe as a brake if you happen to slip and fall on a snowy slope. This is good information to have, as an uncontrolled fall on a snowy slope can send you skittering down the mountain at high speeds, leading to possible injury or death.

Check out this video. It’s good stuff. And if you happen to get out into the high country this winter, stay safe and have fun.


One thought on “Mountaineering basics: How to use an ice axe in the event of a fall

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