Tulsa Run to host USATF Masters 15K Championships


Some interesting news from my home city of Tulsa. Apparently, our local running scene — and its granddaddy event, the Tulsa Run — is prominent enough to be host to a national competition.

Starting with this year’s Oct. 26 Tulsa Run, the annual race will also be host to the USATF Masters 15K Championships for the next five years, according to a report in the Tulsa World newspaper.

The championships are for runners age 40 and up.

The Tulsa run attracted more than 8,000 runners last year and has been held for 35 years. It was Oklahoma’s big road race until marathons finally took hold here. Despite that competition, the Tulsa Run is still a hugely popular race each fall, and with the addition of the Masters 15K event, it’s likely to attract even more numbers and from a much wider section of the country.

I ran my first Tulsa Run this past fall, and I plan to run it again Oct. 26. It appears that I’ll be joined by a bigger — and maybe faster — crowd the next time around.

Bob Doucette
On Twitter @RMHigh7088

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