On the trails: Snow, mud and fun

It got kind of interesting lately on the trails. I delayed my trail run a day hoping the dirt would dry out a bit from the previous week’s worth of snow, sleet and rain. It can be fun to splatter around and play in the mud, but it can also be a lot of work. I needed miles, not mud-laden shoes.

For the  most part, things went pretty well. The trails early on were in good shape, and from a scenic point of view, it was nice to see some snow left.



Here’s another view. Shade in the trees kept some of the snow in the leaves. Oklahoma does not get a lot of snow, and I have to admit, growing up in snowy areas as a kid (Colorado and Illinois) makes me miss it now as an adult in the Sunbelt. I got one run in the snow this past week (we got three inches!), and it was awesome. I’m weird like that. The elements get me going. Here’s another shot of what’s left…


I got lucky for most of the run in terms of mud. But I also missed a lot of markers and wound up running in circles. One particular turnoff eluded me twice (I’ve only done the Pink Loop proper once; every other time I’ve done pieces of it with  a bunch of side trails in between). Eventually I decided to head north, then turn around and head back to link up to another series of trails.

The most obvious choice was an old Jeep road called the Pipeline Trail. But it’s mostly made up of loose soil and rocks, and when there is rain it gets pretty sloppy. It snowed on Wednesday, then sleeted and rained Thursday. Not a drought-buster, but enough to make dirt trails messy. Two days of sunshine didn’t dry out the Pipeline, and after awhile, I had to just hike to drier ground.


I hiked about a quarter of a mile through the slop until I reached higher, drier ground. That allowed me to resume running, link up with another trail loop on the east side of the park and finish up. I only got in about five miles or so, but it ended up being a pretty good day.


All said and done, a pretty decent day. Thirty-six degrees, sunny, and despite getting turned around and muddy, I got some work in. The first of four spring races is a week away, and spring/summer mountaineering looms large. Here’s hoping these tromps through the mud, rain and dirt are doing the trick.

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088



2 thoughts on “On the trails: Snow, mud and fun

    • I felt that way when I first moved away from Colorado. Didn’t miss the snow at all. But I’ve grown to miss it after all these years. Maybe it’s because snowy places don’t hit 115 degrees in the summer!

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