Of blizzards, false summits and wolves: A discussion of Colorado’s Mount Elbert

Mount Elbert (Wiki Commons photo)

Mount Elbert (Wiki Commons photo)

Not too long ago, I was invited to be a part of In Ice Axe We Trust’s mountaineering podcast about Mount Elbert. Four of us were in on the discussion, with three of us (me included) having spent some time on Colorado’s highest peak and the second highest mountain in the Lower 48 states.

This was a great discussion, where we covered topics such as snow travel, preparing for the worst, what to pack and descriptions about what it’s like to climb this mountain.

The group included hosts Chris (@last_adventurer) and Matt (@thepeakseeker), and fellow guest Mike (@mikeoffthemap).

Some of the things we talked about included training tips for tackling a 14,000-foot peak, those essential pieces of gear we have to have, the importance of good hiking and climbing partners and — get this — a spooky night of having your campsite explored by wolves.

That’s right, wolves. That would be Mike’s story.

Mine would be more about gassing out near the summit, only to be greeted by a hymn-singing group of girls.

I enjoyed hearing everyone’s stories about their ascents of Elbert, and I’ll be honest — it got me revved up to check out some other routes to the top I haven’t done yet. I’m thinking Box Couloirs during the late spring months at some point in the future.

You should check out the IIAWT site, and have a listen to the podcast, as well as their previous podcasts on mountaineering. Listen to the last podcast right here.

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


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