Video: Some trail running inspiration

Get your sole spikes on and get ready for some ultimate trail running. It’s doubtful many of us have trail runs as incredible as this. May this little video inspire you this weekend as you line up for your race, training run or just-for-fun excursion outdoors.

Thanks to John Barnhart for bringing this video from Salomon Trail Running to my attention. Enjoy and have a great weekend! — Bob


6 thoughts on “Video: Some trail running inspiration

  1. This is awesome! The sort of stuff I dream of πŸ™‚ I still run on roads, but steep inclines. BUT…I just got myself a pair of trail running shoes. They were HUGELY marked down. I’m a little scared to use them (risk of injury?)…because I know that the process is quite different. And I usually run with orthotics. Are there people who should just NOT run with minimalist shoes? I couldn’t NOT buy them…but now they sit until I can do a short trial run.

    • Here’s what you need to do: Ease into them. Start out on a light day, just run a mile. Do that a couple of weeks, then gradually increase your mileage. You don’t want to rush into them with big miles because if you’re using orthotics right now, your feet aren’t strong enough to handle bigger miles in minimalist shoes. I jumped in too quick with mine and had to ditch them for several months. Just now able to use a “neo-minimalist” shoe, and even then, there was an adjustment.

      But I will say this: Once I became accustomed to them, my feet, calves and thighs all became stronger and I’m a better runner for it. So you’re on the right track!

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