A run for fun: The Luchador Run

There are times when you have to put away the aspirations of winning races, setting PRs or achieving a new high in distance.

Sometimes you just have to run for fun.

Enter the Elote Luchador Run. A one-mile fun run and a 5K where you are encouraged to dress up like a luchador (Mexican masked wrestler for those who don’t know).

You chase luchadors, run through urban obstacles, get pelted by water balloons and run around downtown Tulsa. A block party with beer, nachos, live music and luchador matches followed.

The race was timed, for those who cared, but most people were here for the fun times rather than to feed competitive urges.

Some shots from the day…

Luchadors take off. They got a head start while the folks doing the one-mile fun run tried the chase and catch them.



A couple of minutes later, the fun run people give chase. A lot of kids in the fun run, which is awesome. Teaching kids that running and being active can be fun is a great thing.


People gather for the start of the 5K. I really dig the races that take place downtown.


A lot of people showed up to run in costume. I admire that. It made things playful, though I can’t imagine running three miles with a mask on. That would bug the crap out of me.


Just like last year, I signed up for this one on a whim. Like 90 minutes before. Saturday should have been a long run day, but my schedule has been so out of whack everything went out the window. Saturday was one day removed from leg day in the weight room, so I was running on dead legs. As usual for my 5k races, I came out to fast. Through all that, I still managed to improve my PR by about 80 seconds. Still slow, mind you, but progress is good!

I know this is the time where a lot of us are ramping up for big spring season races and it’s all serious. Well, take time out to find a race like this. A little exercise, outdoor time and frivolity is not a bad thing.

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


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