The Weekly Stoke: Tales from the road, an avalanche report, cycling in schools and aerial glacier footage

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We’re on time with the Weekly Stoke this time! With sweet links to boot. All of them are good reads with food for thought and discussion. Here’s what I found this week that caught my interest:

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center released its official report on an avalanche that killed five people last weekend near Loveland Pass. The technical information is interesting and that narrative of the slide is as detailed as it is heartbreaking. Be careful out there, folks.

Outside Magazine thinks mountain biking might be the next big thing in high school sports.

Want to know what’s ahead of someone who decides to drive across the world? The Adventure Journal does an interview with a guy who, with his wife, is doing just that. Fascinating read.

Speaking of road warriors, this blogger writes about some of her not-so-pleasant encounters while out on the highways. Being a free-spirited, adventurer-driven traveler has its downsides. A good read with a good question from Gina Begin.

In India, bull surfing is a thing. The photos of this are awesome.

And finally, watch this video showing an aerial view of Alaskan glaciers. Simply gorgeous.

PAUSE 4 from PAUSE on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “The Weekly Stoke: Tales from the road, an avalanche report, cycling in schools and aerial glacier footage

  1. Shucks, thanks so much for the mention, Bob! That’s awesome to be recognized. And I’m looking forward to reading this one on the husband/wife duo driving across the world (what the heck! Next up for me? 😉

    • You should do it! You are adventurous enough to get it done. Always appreciate well written stuff, which is what I try to showcase here. Thanks for commenting, and I look forward to your future posts.

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