Another look at that kettlebell workout


I’ll keep this one short, because there does not need to be a whole lot of detail thrown out on this topic, but I wanted to revisit the kettlebell and ropes workout I wrote about awhile back.

I figured the change-up in workout style would cause some soreness, but I was not expecting as much leg soreness as I got. But then I got to thinking about it, and then did a little math.

If you remember, the workout included 3 sets of kettlebell swings (each arm) and 3 sets of one-handed snatches (also, each arm).

I designed both exercises to have me starting out in a lowered squat position. So if one set had me doing 10 swings per arm, that would be 20 bodyweight squats per set. So for three sets, that’s 60 squats.

On the snatches, I was doing 8 reps per arm, so 16 squats per set. That’s 48 squats.

In total, I squatted 108 times in those 6 sets. These weren’t quite as deep as you’d do in a barbell squat (more of the depth of a standard deadlift), but still — that’s a lot of movement in the legs for the quads, glutes and hams!

This is sort of a “no duh” revelation, I know. But it also highlights a good point: Those kettlebell exercises make for one heck of a full-body workout. If you haven’t tried using them, give it a shot soon.

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


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