The Weekly Stoke: Drones, elephant justice, tick phobia and what makes an elite mountaineer


Jam-packed with news this week, we’re looking at a whole slew of the funny, serious and weird in this edition of the Weekly Stoke. So let’s get started.

Drones are used to wipe out terrorists, and some fear they can spy on American citizens. The U.S. Geological Survey has found another use that’s a little more benign.

Chalk one up for wildlife! An elephant turns the tables on a poacher.

Here’s something we suspected: Hiking can actually make you smarter.

National Geographic takes an interesting look at the physiological attributes of elite high-altitude mountaineers.

It’s tick season now, and if this post doesn’t freak you out than maybe it will at least inspire a bug spray purchase or at least a thorough tick-check.

We’re redefining wild spaces again: The National Park Service will allow bolts on climbing routes in national parks.

Here’s a list of some of the world’s most dangerous travel destinations.

And finally, a video of when Whole Foods gets to people’s heads.

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