The Weekly Stoke: Mountain speed attempts, ‘epic adventures’ on Mount Sherman and how to travel in Kyrgyzstan via mountain bike


I hope everyone had an awesome Fourth of July, and chances are, many of you are enjoying a long holiday weekend. Hopefully you are in the midst of doing some awesome stuff. Back here in the Southern Plains, about 120 runners are getting ready to do an overnight 50-miler in Tulsa. Alas, I am not in their number. What I am ready to do, however, is throw out another edition of the Weekly Stoke!

Even in failure, some folks manage to accomplish a lot and astound is mere mortals. For starters, here is ultrarunner/mountaineer Anton Krupica’s account of his unsuccessful attempt to set a new speed record on Nolan’s List — a route of linking together 14 of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks. Keep in mind, he wasn’t hiking these, he was running them. Entertaining writing here.

And then there’s this one: John Prater made a valiant attempt to break Ted “Cave Dog” Keizer’s speed ascents of 55 Colorado 14ers, and acquitted himself quite well despite falling short. This is a longer read, but an excellent account.

Here is a very funny and satirical trip report of four people’s ascent of Mount Sherman, considered one of the easier and more simple mountain hikes in Colorado.

Finally, there is this video – about 25 minutes – about a guy who traveled to the climbing havens of Kyrgyzstan using only his wits, a mountain bike and a Soviet-era road map to guide him. Enjoy!

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