The Weekly Stoke: Forbidden summits, a marathoning feat, wildfires, and what it’s like to try to break a record

Anton Krupicka

Anton Krupicka

Smack in the middle of July, we are in the heart of the summer and its brain-weathering heat. If you’re a nut like me, you’re out there enjoying it just the same. Why? Because it beats sitting on the couch. That’s why. Here’s this week’s edition of the Weekly Stoke!

Outside Magazine has this interesting photo gallery of 5 peaks forbidden to climbers.

The Adventure Journal has a write-up on how climate change and declining snowpack is contributing to vastly increasing wildfires in the west.

For most of us, running a marathon is a once- or twice-a-year endeavor. Maybe even once in a lifetime. But not for this woman and MS patient, who ran 366 marathons in 365 days.

Summer is half over, and this writer is encouraging you to use your time off now, or just play a little hookey.

And finally, check out this video of Anton Krupicka’s attempt to set a trail running record on Nolan’s 14. Interesting to watch the struggle. With that, have a great weekend and enjoy your summer!

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