The Weekly Stoke: Denali, body image, tragedy in Nevada and how to fake those fitness transformation photos

Alaska's Denali, North America's highest peak.

Alaska’s Denali, North America’s highest peak.

Feeling the drain of training? Or the weight of summer’s heat? Take a break, folks. And check out my latest offerings in this week’s Weekly Stoke…

This blogger has a pretty good list for race etiquette. Read it, learn it, live it.

Want to know what it’s like to climb Denali? Read this extensive trip report on the experience. It will be worth your time.

Women’s fitness fashion has this athlete questioning the imagery of empowerment.

A tragedy reminds us of the risks search and rescue personnel go through when duty calls. In this case, a Las Vegas police officer died during a high-risk rescue.

Ever see those dramatic before/after transformation photos? You know, the ones that come with certain exercise programs or fitness/diet fads? It’s pretty easy to fake it, photographically speaking. See how here.

And finally, this diagram from the Adventure Journal about risk and fun with all the things we do outside. Do you agree?



11 thoughts on “The Weekly Stoke: Denali, body image, tragedy in Nevada and how to fake those fitness transformation photos

  1. I really liked the articles on women’s workout clothes and faking before and after photos.

    The one about the clothes made me relate, because I only recently started running in a sports bra sans shirt. It’s just too damn hot! I haven’t had any catcalls or weird experiences yet – but I do notice I get MANY more smiles on the trail when I run alone versus when I run with my husband. Not that it’s a bad thing – but it’s funny.

    The one about before and after photos made me feel MUCH better about my stomach. When I suck in, I have visible abs. When I don’t, I look about three months pregnant. I always wondered if I was alone in my weird ability to look fit or unfit at the flip of a switch, but clearly this guy is in *great* shape and has the same issue.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing the good reads!

    • No prob! Personally, when it comes to how people dress on a run or a workout, I say do what works. There are some people who push boundaries of taste, but a gal in a sports bra and shorts while pounding out a run at the park or on the trails is not an issue with me. I also understand the objectification of women, regardless of activity. It’s an issue, one that I hope people will handle appropriately, as in “just let the gal work out in peace.”

      On the transformation shots: you always have to wonder if something shady is going on there. I did a couple cycles of Body for Life years ago, and I couldn’t believe how well people transformed in 12 weeks. I had good results, but I didn’t go from flab to rocked out in 3 months. Many others did. I have to wonder about that now. In the meantime, I’m going to keep training. I’m dropping fat, so maybe one of these days that six-pack will show through.

      Thanks for the comments and insight as always!

  2. Love the fun to risk of injury chart. The only activity on the chart that I’ve done is snow shoveling and it is appropriately at the extreme end of “no fun at all”. I do try to see shoveling as cross training. What a work out!
    I have spent this weekend at an Ultra 24 race and I think it is in the right spot on the chart also. Those folks are just crazy! 😉

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