The Weekly Stoke: What killed Christopher McCandless, running on a budget, rip tides, a huge cave and surviving a flash flood

Christopher McCandless at the bus in Alaska. ( photo)

Christopher McCandless at the bus in Alaska. ( photo)

Running a day late here. I’m supposed to be in the mountains right now, but the weather has put a stop to that. Delayed but not denied. Speaking of that, here’s this week’s Weekly Stoke!

Through years of speculation as to what actually killed Christopher McCandless (of “Into the Wild” fame), experts seem to have nailed down a cause.

Here’s a list of five things you should know about rip tides.

Running races can be expensive, but this blogger has found a good way to get your marathon fix on a budget.

Vietnam is getting ready to open up the world’s largest cave for tours.

Scientists have discovered what looks to be the world’s largest volcano. And believe me, it’s huge.

And here’s an wild video on surviving a flash flood in canyon country.

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