The colors of fall in the high country

I’ll be writing more about Missouri Mountain later, but the one thing I wanted to share has a lot to do with timing.

Fall is here in the Rockies, and now is the time to go see the foliage turn. The aspens in particular are exploding with color right now.

Here is a shot from the trail yesterday through an aspen grove…


As you can, see, they’re just getting ready to go all-out on fire.

Here’s another shot, this time looking at a mountainside that is ablaze in color.


The great thing is you don’t have to make a strenuous hike to see this kind of stuff. Or, if you want to get away from everything, venture deeper into the backcountry. Anywhere there are aspen groves, this is the type of stuff you’ll see.

Reason enough to leave the four walls that surround you right now and spend some time outside. Am I right?

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088


2 thoughts on “The colors of fall in the high country

  1. Fall is just around the corner here in New England. I hope to get out for some trail runs when things start to get colorful around here. There is something about the smell of the woods in the fall.

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