5 reasons why swallowing a bug is awesome

Icky pest or the next big thing in sports nutrition? You decide!

Icky pest or the next big thing in sports nutrition? You decide!

The other day I was out running trails when something startling happened. A bug flew into my mouth and right down my throat.

It wasn’t a huge bug, thank goodness. But enough to make me gag. Despite my best efforts I wasn’t able to cough the little sucker up. Down the hatch!

I’ve also snorted a bug while riding a bike. No recovering that one, either.

Spend enough time on the trails, it’s gonna happen. You’re going to eat a bug, and not on a dare.

Gross, right? But there is a silver lining. The following may be the most awesome list you’ve ever read on this subject. Of course, it might be the only list you’ve ever read on this subject. Anyway, here goes…

Protein! Carb up for a big run or ride all you want, but you also need some protein to balance things out and help rebuild muscles torn down from a hard workout. And guess what? Bugs are a great source of protein and healthy fat, much better than beef, pork or chicken. Who knew!

Locally sourced! You can feel really good about yourself in that the bug you just snarfed didn’t have to be trucked in from South America. Absolutely no carbon footprint was made in the consumption of your little mini-meal with wings. Way to go, you!

Organic! Yes, by choosing (or not choosing) to dine on your locally sourced six-legged snack, you can rest assured that this little morsel contains no GMOs, artificial colors or flavors or anything else that might poison the temple that is your body. Nothing but pure, home-grown, all-natural insect. Yum!

Cruelty free! Ah, yes, more balm to soothe your conscience. Free-range, cage-free animal protein is respectful and kind in respect to the bug in question, right up until the point it goes down your gullet. Be content in knowing that during its brief life, your bug was a happy bug. And happy bugs taste better.

Gluten free! Hey, you gotta ride the hot trends in nutrition, and the gluten-free wave is the biggest thing to hit the food industry since oat bran. No processed wheat product here. In fact, it’s a good bet that these little critters are largely allergen-free altogether. Peanut allergy? Lactose intolerant? No prob. As long as you can stomach the ingestion of the invertebrate kind, you’re good to go with no wonky bowels, hives or swelling. Or so we hope.

So there ya go, five things to remember the next time an insect flies a little too close to your grille and happens to get sucked into you gaping maw. As a bonus, you can pat yourself on the back for taking part in the glorious circle of life while getting your workout on.

In conclusion,  you can look at it one of two ways: as a horrifying, gag reflex-inducing incident, or you just being awesome, getting your nutrition in the most natural and hands-free method known to humankind.

You go, you.

Bob Doucette

On Twitter @RMHigh7088

12 thoughts on “5 reasons why swallowing a bug is awesome

  1. So nice to find your blog. Love this post. Bugs happen. I really love your tag line… so true. I write a blog about the simple act of getting outside every day for at least thirty minutes–lots of close to home walks… need to hike more. Thanks for writing!

    • Thanks for reading! It’s great that you get outside so often. I think it’s a pretty important thing for people to do in terms of reclaiming their health and some balance in life. I’ll be sure to check out your site!

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