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I wouldn’t call myself a social media skeptic. Rather, I just don’t want to get so “networked” that I spend a bunch of my free time updating a bunch of websites.

But after consulting some pretty savvy members of the Twitterati, I decided to make the jump to Instagram. It seems I take a ton of pictures anyway, right?

So here’s the deal. I’ve been busy downloading some of my favorite photos from hikes, climbs and runs. And there will be other stuff, too. But the heart of it is going to be photographically capturing the cool moments of a hike, an ascent or a run. And you should, too.

See something awesome during your early morning run? Like an incredible sunrise? Or cool urban scenery? Shoot it, post it on Instagram and hashtag it with #seenontherun .

Or how about your best pics from a hike? Same deal, but a different hashtag: #seenonthetrail .

I’ve been doing this on my photos thus far, and you can see them by searching those hashtags. There are some good ones! Let me see yours!

So feel free to look me up on Instagram at Proactiveoutside, or online at .

See ya on the IG!

Bob Doucette

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