Seen on the run: Noticing the details on the trail

It seems that the weather decided to encase the Southern Plains in snow and ice today. It’s a good thing today is a programmed rest day.

Yesterday, however, was not. A long-ish trail run was on tap. A friend of mine joined me for the first half of that, and the last half I was on my own.

You all know by now that I take photos quite a bit when I’m on the trails. I was somewhat surprised at the things I saw on trails I’ve run and hiked a bunch. So here’s a quick tour…

Part II of this little jaunt has me go to the top of a ridge. You can’t bike on everything you can run, so we try to help our cyclist friends out when we can.


A little later on, close to the top of Turkey Mountain, I reached this boulder-strewn overlook in the trees.


I like running the ridge north, mostly because it’s pretty much all downhill. Good, fun, cheap trail miles. But that often keeps me from seeing some pretty unusual things. Like this malformed tree.


The tree had nothing on my next peculiarity. I’m sure someone just set these up on their own, but I couldn’t help but think that they resembled a couple of lawn chairs for wood elves wanting to take in the last rays of the setting sun as it dipped below a neighboring ridge.


This is all part of the allure to trail running. Last week it was all about the challenge of climbing big hills in a race to see who could cross the finish line the fastest (that definitely was not me.). This time, it was about discovering the fun little secrets tucked away in the woods.

Find your trail this week, and look at it with fresh eyes. You never know what you’ll see.

Bob Doucette


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