Seen on the run: Springtime weekend long run

So far this winter and spring, I’ve been less than faithful to my training goals. It’s amazing how those planned long run days can get cut short at 6 miles because, well, just because. I’ve run a couple of 25Ks the last two months, but aside from those I haven’t done much in terms of “long run” training days.

I was determined to change that this weekend. The plan: Run 13 miles to top off a bigger week of training, three weeks away from doing the Oklahoma City Memorial half marathon at the end of this month.

I could not have picked a better day, and I’ve got the pics to prove it.

The following are a couple of shots from the halfway point, looking across the Arkansas River to its west bank and the wooded ridge known locally as Turkey Mountain.



It was a cooler winter, but the signs of new life that come with spring are bursting through.



One thing about warming temperatures is that people get out more. It always warms my heart to see people outside, doing whatever it is they like to do — walking, running, cycling or whatnot. The parks were filled with people.


Here’s another view I enjoy when I run alongside the Arkansas River: The pedestrian bridge at 29th Street. At this point, I’m almost 11 miles into the run.


This was a big weekend for outdoor events. In south Tulsa and Jenks, there was the Aquarium Run (half marathon, 10K and 5K) as well as the Luchador Run 5K. I’ve run the Luchador Run twice, and it’s a blast. They create a whole series of obstacles, and you try to chase people dressed as Mexican wrestlers (the luchadores). Many runners dress up as luchadores as well.

At the finish line, runners can get into a ring with a pair of luchadores, and there is a block party where luchador fights are staged. I didn’t run it this year because I really needed a run a lot longer than a 5K. But that race was just getting underway as I finished up. So I caught this scene from the Luchador Run after I’d finished up.


Those sights and sounds make the long runs worthwhile, even beyond the training benefit. Saturday was no different. Hopefully your weekend long run was as good as mine.

Bob Doucette


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