Do a good deed: Join the TUWC in a cleanup at Mooser Creek on Saturday


Something that has encouraged me over the past few months has been the widespread support of protecting Turkey Mountain from development encroachment. People in and around the Tulsa area, whether they are trail users or not, have been very firm in their opinion that the greenspace out there is worth protecting.

People are, whether they know it or not, taking a conservationist view of what should and should not be done at Turkey Mountain. No small feat here in Red State America, but there it is — people care about natural places.

This weekend, there is a great opportunity to take that sentiment to the next level.

The city of Tulsa, along with the Tulsa County Conservation District, Tulsa Westside YMCA, Tulsa’s Young Professionals, Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition, Blue Thumb, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, is hosting a cleanup day Saturday morning at Mooser Creek, a natural waterway bordering the north side of Turkey Mountain.

Mooser Creek is rare in Tulsa, in that it has been allowed to flow freely without any obstructions or redirections from flood control projects. As a result, its waters are clear and the ecosystem there is unique. Mooser Creek is one of the reasons we want to protect the watershed from Turkey Mountain, and why a certain mall plan has people so concerned. Anyway, I digress.

On the down side, the creek’s proximity to commercial and industrial sites (as well as a major highway) make it vulnerable to litter and trash. So the group I mentioned above is asking for volunteers to help clean the creek.

Meet up at the Westside YMCA, 5400 S. Olympia, then head out. Bring clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, muddy and whatnot. The cleanup will go from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and you’ll be fed if you come (Rib Crib!). Trash bags will be provided, but bring some gloves.

Best yet, you’ll get a chance to see a side of Turkey Mountain most people don’t see often, even regular trail users.

So come on out. Meet some great people. See Mooser Creek. Get free eats. And do good. See you there!

Bob Doucette


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