My favorite outdoor images of 2019

Looking back in 2019, a lot of people will write or talk about their year in review. For me, I’ve meandered into seeing the year in pictures. It wasn’t the most epic year of outdoor adventures or achievements for me, but there were still some pretty sweet memories that I was lucky enough to capture in photos. So no fancy writing or morals, just some images. Here goes:

We’ll start with this one, showing the emergence of spring.

Mosses and grasses announce the start of spring at Turkey Mountain in Tulsa.

As spring really took off the greenery of the woods took over. And made for a nice contrast with the bright blue of a clear spring sky.

It pays to look up every now and then.

Sometimes the elements weren’t so kind. In northeastern Oklahoma, we saw record rains and lots of flooding. I snapped the photo below on the banks of the Arkansas River just southwest of downtown Tulsa. At this point, the river was about 20 feet above normal.

The Arkansas River at the height of flood stage, southwest of downtown Tulsa in May. The beams just above the water are usually about 20 feet above the river.

Eventually the rains cleared enough to do some hiking. I love the look of a trail that bends into the woods.

A warm summer day in the trails at Turkey Mountain.

I did manage one pilgrimage into the mountains of Colorado. Below is a fun shot I took of a hiking partner as we worked our way toward Mount Lindsey.

My hiking partner, Laura, is silhouetted near Mount Lindsey, Colo.

Down the trail, there was this scenic creek. The only downside: the beetle kill of the spruces along the creek’s banks. All too common in the high country.

A pretty creek near camp in the northern Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Near the trailhead of this hike is this broad meadow with one of the most scenic vistas I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Gorgeous meadow with a view of Blanca Peak, Colo.

During one of my fall hikes, I took the time to notice the small details. You can even find beauty in the things where life has passed.

Scenic decay as seen in the fall at Turkey Mountain.

It’s a small collection of images, a lot of it close to home. It was that sort of year for me, but not without its charms. My hope is that 2020 will see more outdoor adventures and keep adding to the sweet memories I’ve made so far. Here’s hoping you all can make a few memories of your own.

Bob Doucette

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