A quick photo tour of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Switching things up a bit. The last few weeks, I’ve been writing about how this coronavirus thing has affected my life and community. But you know, that’s all starting to run together.

On Twitter, I’ve been posting a “daily distraction photo” just to break up everyone’s feeds. The pics are all of amazing natural landscapes. So that’s what this post is going to be, a collection of pics from a great mountain range, the Sangre do Cristo Mountains.

The Sangres run north-to-south in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. They’re rugged and high, featuring some of the more dramatic skylines in the U.S. and one state high point. So here ya go, some of my favorite pics from the Sangres…

The Crestones, southern Colorado.

Humboldt Peak doesn’t rank as one of the more majestic looking mountains in the Rockies. But bar none, it is the best place to view Crestone Peak and Crestone Needle. For that view alone, the hike to Humboldt’s summit is worth the effort.

Moody day near Crestone Peak.

A few years before that Humboldt hike, me and a buddy took a whack at Crestone Peak. No summit that day, but some gorgeous scenery.

Wildflowers near Cottonwood Lake, west of the Crestones.

Another view near the Crestones. Not seen: the ka-billion mosquitoes that nested here.

Alpenglow on Crestone Needle.

A classic Colorado scene: the first rays of the sun hitting Crestone Needle’s prettiest side.

Blanca Peak in the distance.

This meadow is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Last summer, on an attempt on Mount Lindsey, I was greeted with this incredible vista, with Blanca Peak — the highest in the range — rising in the distance.

Horseshoe Lake, below the summit ridge of Wheeler Peak, N.M.

My first “big mountain” summit hike was Wheeler Peak in New Mexico, the state’s highest point. Just before you tackle the summit ridge, you get treated to this amazing alpine lake. Unforgettable.

There there you have it, a quick distraction from viral reality in the form of gorgeous mountain scenes. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Bob Doucette

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