The Weekly Stoke: Unclimbed peaks, Yellowstone wildlife, high country terror and Chris Sharma doles out climbing tips

Nanga Parbat. (Wikimedia commons photo)

Nanga Parbat. (Wikimedia commons photo)

For whatever reason, the high country of the West is on my brain. This this will be a very mountain-heavy edition of The Weekly Stoke. Here goes!

The Adventure Journal has a list of the highest unclimbed mountains in the world.

In Yellowstone, more evidence of how reintroducing animals to their historic habitat is providing balance. Wolves may actually be helping Yellowstone’s bear population.

Outside Magazine asks if the terrorist murders of climbers near Nanga Parbat could happen again, and looks at the effects of that incident on Pakistan’s mountaineering industry.

In another one from Outside Magazine, uber climber Christ Sharma gives his tips on how to train to be a better climber.

And finally, check out this 3-minute video by Backcountry. Awesome scenery to inspire!