The Weekly Stoke: Ueli Steck on Annapurna, Les Stroud, survival stories, NYC and Marine Corps Marathon news, and caves under Mount Hood

Annapurna. (Wikipedia Commons photo)

Annapurna. (Wikipedia Commons photo)

Took the week off last week, but we’re right back to it with some good links on this edition of the Weekly Stoke! Check these out:

Congratulations to Ueli Steck for his successful ascent of Annapurna. Steck had twice been denied this mountain’s summit, but this time did it in style, climbing its south face solo. That’s a feat that has never been done before, and just months after his harrowing brawl incident on Everest.

Les Stroud talks about what survivalism is really all about, and has some critiques for others who take their chances just for the TV cameras.

Here are some tips for summiting Pikes Peak.

From The Adventure Journal, a list of the 9 most intense bivvies.

Here’s a first-hand account of what it’s like dealing with a rescue situation in the backcountry, also from The Adventure Journal.

Some victims of the Boston Marathon bombing are learning to run again.

Organizers of the Marine Corps Marathon and the New York City Marathon areĀ banning hydration packs from being used during those races.

Finally, check out this cool video of exploring caves under Oregon’s Mount Hood.

‘Survivorman’ is back!

Les Stroud in “Survivorman.” (Discover Channel photo)

After a four-year hiatus, Les Stroud is getting back behind the camera and out into the woods for a new season of his television program “Survivorman.”

The show last went into production in 2008. He’s done several projects since then, but he’s most remembered for going out into wilderness areas, camera gear in tow, alone and putting himself in survival situations to show what you can do if you’re caught in a similar predicament.

Stroud’s show is just one of many pitting man against nature in survival situations. Bear Grylls’ wildly popular “Man vs. Wild” had a similar format, and other programs have followed suit. But with the exception of “Alone in the Wild,” none have featured the host also being the sole member of the crew and completely alone.

You can read more about Stroud’s Aug. 19 return in “Survivorman” on this link.

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