The Weekly Stoke: Everest firsts, Mont Blanc speed record, death on El Cap and the best flow chart ever

Been a rough week in terms of the news, so let me offer this break from reality. It’s that time. Time for the Weekly Stoke!

First off, have a look at Brendan Leonard’s flow chart. It’s a work of art, I’m telling ya.


An 80-year-old Japanese climber and extreme skier (and multiple heart surgery patient) became the oldest person to ever climb Mount Everest.

And another first: The first Saudi woman to summit Everest. Yep, it’s that time of year: Everest firsts. Funny thing, though: She can climb Everest, but can’t drive a car or show her face in public in her home country. Hmmm…

For literary mountain folk, it’s time to grieve once again for the demise of the Mountain Gazette. One of the most interesting and genuine publications of its kind. RIP, MG.

And a new record was set on Mont Blanc.

A terrifying piece of news from El Capitan. A deeper report of that incident can be seen here.

And here’s a list of things learned during a trek to Everest base camp by a Portland blogger who was just there.

Have a good weekend, all.