The Weekly Stoke: Tips on living on the road and the seas, training advice and the real meaning of risking your life


It’s Friday. If you already haven’t blown off work for the day, chances are you’re tanking it for the afternoon right now, right? So let me help pass the time. Here are some more great links in this edition of the Weekly Stoke!

Adventurer and traveler Katie Boue gives us a list of things learned while living 5 months on the road.

Another list, or more of a Q&A, with a woman who, with her family, spends her life sailing the seas.

After the deaths of 19 Arizona firefighters, Brendan Leonard takes a look at the real meaning of putting your life on the line.

Interval training is awesome, but this trainer says people need long-duration, lower intensity cardio as well.

Outside of a war zone, Caracas, Venezuela is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Here’s a story about how Venezuelan runners band together to train and stay safe from crime.

Have an awesome weekend, all!