Are you into social media? Let’s connect!


Regular readers may already know this, but if you’re new to this site or whatnot, you can find me on numerous social media outlets.

I stay pretty active on a number of Twitter chats (#ATQA, #trailtime and #hikerchat are my go-to favorites) if you’re a Twitterati kind of person. Look me up @RMHigh7088 (yes, an old school Twitter handle that isn’t very cool. But there it is).

On Instagram, find me @Proactiveoutside. I post a lot of pics about some of the amazing places I see from far away or close to home. And check out some of my shots at #seenontherun, #seenonthetrail or #urbantrail. If you’ve got some cool shots of your own, tag ’em with these. I’d love to see them!

On Facebook, check me out at Proactiveoutside. I post links from this blog there, but also a lot of other interesting links and photos related to the outdoors, fitness, running, conservation and adventure.

Click on the “Like” or “Follow” buttons seen on the right side of this page, or just find me on the web.

See you all on the Interwebz!

Bob Doucette

Proactiveoutside is now on Facebook


A huge thanks to everyone who has been a reader, commenter and contributor to this blog. A bunch of you are also followers as well, and more still have connected with me through Twitter. I’m immensely grateful for that, and all the interaction that we’ve had.

But for those of you who prefer Facebook interaction, I honestly feel like I’ve neglected you. So I’ve changed all that. Yesterday I made a Facebook page for Proactiveoutside. In that, I’ll be posting links to the blog, photos, and any other interesting bits of news and information I find. I promise to make it a worthwhile addition to your newsfeed without blowing it up!

Linking up via Facebook is simple. On the right-side column of the page, you’ll see a Facebook box. Just hit the “Like” button, and presto! You’ll be able to get all the latest posts and other information on your Facebook feed.

Just below the Facebook box is a mini-Twitter feed as well. You can see my tweets and, if you so choose, hit the “follow” button if you want to interact with me on Twitter.

Again, I’m hugely grateful for the interaction and readership, and hope to continue it for a long time. Hope to see more of you all on the interwebz!

Bob Doucette