The Weekly Stoke: Alex Honnold’s latest feat, stuff runners know, a homicidal climber and extreme drought in the Sierras

Alex Honnold in the Sierras. (Alex Honnold Facebook page photo)

Alex Honnold in the Sierras. (Alex Honnold Facebook page photo)

How is everyone’s week going? Hopefully it’s been filled with adventure or just plain getting after it. Without further delay, here’s the latest Weekly Stoke!

Uber climber Alex Honnold is at it again, this time pulling off a multi-pitch, 1,500-foot free solo climb in Mexico. Mixed in this achievement were several 5.12 pitches. Did I mention he did this free solo?

Here’s a list of things only runners understand. Some are gender specific.

This post details some of the health issues that affect ultra marathoners.

This story is a weird one in which one climber allegedly killed another (who had been described as the suspect’s mentor) with a hammer.

A Crossfit coach and competitor suffered a devastating injury during a recent competition while attempting an Olympic lift.

And finally, while there are some parts of the country that are experiencing a cooler and wetter winter, that is definitely not the case n California, which is in the midst of a devastating drought.

That’s a whole lot of news. Now go make a story of your own. Have an excellent weekend!

The Weekly Stoke: Winter camping tips, 26 marathons in 26 days, extreme destinations and a petition on behalf of the Badwater 135


I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and hopefully you all have done better than me in terms of avoiding the holiday bloat. Yikes! Anyway, I found some more great links for your reading pleasure, and perhaps something there to inspire your next move. Time for the Weekly Stoke!

The weather outside might be frightful, but this post gives you six tips on how to keep warm when camping in the winter.

A Las Vegas man ran 26 marathons in 26 days to help raise awareness for the needy in his city. Behind the glitz of the Strip is some pretty desperate situations, apparently.

Speaking of marathons, this writer gives you a few tips on how to avoid “hitting the wall” during a 26.2-miler.

Backpacker Magazine throws down a list of extreme places to visit.

Finally, a follow-up on news from earlier this week about the NPS’ decision to temporarily halt all races through Death Valley. An online petition to the White House to lift the moratorium has been started, and you can check it out or sign on.

The Weekly Stoke: Scary hikes, more from the Leadville 100, treadmills and an amazing ski video


Labor Day weekend is here! It’s the annual last fling of the summer, and I hope you all have an awesome time planned. I’ll be working, or training, or both. But no matter. Here’s some reading material for you before you head out for your holiday weekend adventures…

Here’s a really interesting photo gallery of 20 terrifying hikes.

There is a lawsuit over an ice climbing accident that could have major ramifications on businesses specializing in guiding climbs and other outdoor adventures. Via Outside magazine.

This blogger has a really cool post featuring behind-the-scenes photo from this summer’s Leadville 100 trail race. Excellent, candid photos.

The treadmill is a go-to tool for a lot of runners, or a standby backup when the weather does not cooperate. But this article explains how the physics of treadmill running differs greatly from outdoor running, and the side effects aren’t the best.

And finally, a really cool movie trailer to get you stoked for ski season. Enjoy it, and have an awesome weekend!

Following Micah True’s death, future of Copper Canyon ultra in question

Micah True

A report from The Associated Press indicates that the future of the Copper Canyon ultramarathon race may be in question after the death of its founder and organizer, Micah True.

The body of True, 58, was found Saturday night in a wilderness area in New Mexico. True, also known as Caballo Blanco, was last seen alive last week as he set out for what was seen as a routine trail run on paths he knew fairly well. An autopsy to determine a cause of death is pending.

The report indicates that it’s uncertain who will take over managing the race, which takes place in the Sierra Madre┬ámountains of Mexico. The race is held there as a sort of homage to the Tarahumara Indians, who True befriended and used as his inspiration to take up barefoot and minimalist running. His story, as well as that of the tribe, was captured in the best-selling book “Born to Run.” The book and the publicity that followed it is largely credited with a boom in interest and participation in barefoot and minimalist running.

You can read the full AP report here.

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