The Weekly Stoke: Boosting brain power, the paleo diet, Chernobyl revisited and the greatness of Jim Whittaker

Jim Whittaker

Jim Whittaker

My hope is that the whole lot of you are getting outside and getting your adventure on. If not that, then training like a maniac for your next athletic endeavor. In between all of that, set aside a little time to check out this week’s offering on the Weekly Stoke:

Slate online has some rather critical things to say about the paleo diet craze.

Want to boost your brain? Try running. Runners World lists 5 ways running boosts brain power.

Another one for the runners: You should be lifting weights, and lifting heavy.

A bunch of us have fantasized about selling it all and living simply. Here’s a story about a guy who did just that: He lives and writes code from his tent.

What happens when a nuclear disaster forces a permanent evacuation of an entire city? It gets reclaimed by the wild. From the Outside online archives.

And finally, a cool video with insights on life from legendary American mountaineer Jim Whittaker.


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